Top 10 Fashion Hacks That Celebrities Follow

Celebrities and style icons have always got special attention due to their style and astonishing outfits. Ever wondered what keeps these celebrities look perfect on Red Carpet event making us marvel wither their super cool finished looks. Let’s dive into the top 10 fashion hacks that celebrities follow:

fashion hacks

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1. Sustained push-up looks:

Kylie Jenner the coolest cat of fashion world keeps the perfect push-up by using duct tape but be careful not to harm yourself when taking that sticky tape off.

kylie sustained push-up looks

2. White bright teeth:

That perfect smile secret is no more a secret, as these style icons wear make-up on teeth. Yikes! yes, the creamy-white eye shadow that’s undetectable and is present for a small span of time but still long enough for a perfect red carpet click.

white bright teeth of celebs

3. Scuff –free shoes:

Next time don’t panic if you find your pair of leather shoes scuffed. Apply a layer of toothpaste, not gel, on leather shoes and wipe off the damp cloth.

scuff free shoes with tooth paste

4. Afraid of slipping by wearing stilettos:

We all have seen a number of times these models toppling down the runway but on the other side, these celebrities on Red Carpet maintain a good balance. Sandpaper to the rescue, by scuffing the bottom of shoe sandpaper provides necessary traction.

high heels of fashion celebs

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5. Sweat patches:

During those scorching summer days, those galling sweat stains get unnecessary attention. To avoid these sweat stains celebrities use sweat pads. Sweat pad is available in variety of shapes, sizes, usable as well as disposable. Now you can enjoy long sleeve dresses in summers.

avoid sweat patches while fashion hacks

6. Necklace game:

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Some celebrities try hard to get noticed while others seem like they aren’t trying too much Ryan Gosling, is one of those. His necklace game not only makes this dude more super charming and effortless, stealing the show as most dudes don’t know how to use the jewellery and Ryan Gosling is doing well with necklaces.

necklace wearing celebs fashion hacks

7. Creaseless clothes:

The perfection of clothes combined with the cusp of style is the dream of every guy. To attain this level of precision get yourselves shirt stays, shirt stays are affordable and easily available too. If you haven’t heard of them or don’t know how it works. It’s simple, they anchor your shirt to your sock so no matter how much you stretch or move throughout the day the shirt is not going to become untucked.

Creaseless Clothes fashion hacks

8. Imperfect hairlines, No worries!

Celebrities these days use eye shadows that match their hair colour to get perfect fuller hairlines. Now you can opt for hairstyles that are tied back or pulled up from face using this awesome tip.

Imperfect white Hairlines fashion hacks

9. Shades:

Goggles; eyewear turned into fashion accoutrement is a part and parcel of day to day life. They add more style to your looks making you seem more attractive and sophisticated an adding a hint of sexiness.

shades and glasses fashion hacks

10. Massage time:

The last hack is for all those who wear uncomfortable designer shoes. Massage your feet with Shea butter and then apply translucent talcum powder. The Shea butter massage will relax those muscles while talc powder will provide more comfort.

massage fashion hacks

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We hope these fashion hacks would helpful for you. You can look more fashionable and beautiful by following these fashion hacks which are also followed by celebrities. If you have any queries, please contact us. Please support us by commenting your feedback in the comment section below.

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