Tired of Oily Acne-Prone & Sunburned Skin: 5 Best Skin Care Tips

Summer is approaching fast and scorching heat is ready to burn the skin. However, with these five skin care tips, you can easily breeze through the summer season.

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1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known for its medicinal properties for centuries. Its gel is obtained from the Aloe Vera plant. You can either plant it at home or use a store-bought product. Either way, the results are going to amaze you. Aloe Vera gel can be added to face masks or it can be applied as a dark circles’ treatment and a cleanser too. One way to extract maximum benefits is to massage a tad bit Aloe Vera gel on the face. Similarly, Aloe Vera gel can be used for getting shiny, frizz-free hair. Mix one teaspoon Aloe Vera gel with an equal quantity of oil of your choice. Apply it in the hair and braid them. Wash your hair the next day and enjoy smoother hair.

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2. Rose Water

Nothing freshens up the skin like a spritz of rose water. Good thing is that rose water can be mixed up with facial masks or can be used as a toner. Just spray some rose water frequently throughout the day. Not only will it help in preventing the buildup of dirt but also stops clogging of pores. Such a simple habit can do wonders for skin if done frequently enough. If you do not have rose water, splashing plain water can work equally fine. Just give it a try and cherish the beautiful skin later.

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3. Turmeric Chickpea Flour Mask

This mask is the holy grail for oily, combination or acne-prone skin. Make a paste of one tsp gram flour also known as besan in Asian countries with a pinch of turmeric so as not to turn the skin yellow. Using this flour on a daily basis will help in getting spotless glowing skin if used persistently. This is one of the common skin-care tips of all the time.

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4. Fuller’s Earth

One often-used ingredient of summer face masks is fuller’s earth as known as Multani Mitti in Asian countries. It can help in reducing oil and acts as a blotting paper. It can be used individually as well as mixed with licorice powder, sandalwood powder, etc. to enhance effects.

Fuller's earth as skin care tips

5. Raw Milk for Cleansing

Last, but not the least, for deep skin cleansing, raw milk is the method of choice. Just dip a cotton ball in milk and dab it on your skin. It removes dust and dirt while giving a youthful appearance to the skin. However, even in full summer, it is most beneficial for dry skin.

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More or less, all these skin-care tips can help in getting picture-perfect skin. Trying these hacks individually or mixing them up will only add to their magical outcomes for attaining clear skin. If you have any queries, please contact us. You can share your feedback by commenting below.

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