This page is a legal document that serves as the Terms of Service of this website. It contains the legal terms of our website https://femazone.website/ and its sub-domains.

This page contains the terms and conditions to use our website and these Terms of Service, along with our Privacy Policy, any other guidelines and content posted on our Website, collectively “Legal Terms”, constitute the entire and only agreement between you and FEMAZONE, and replace all other warranties, pacts, and identifications concerning our website. We may modify our Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. Before using our website, we suggest going through our Terms of Service. We post about the modifications made in our Terms of Service and you must agree to those terms while using this website. Therefore, it is essential for you to occasionally review our Terms and Conditions for making sure that you still agree to them.

If you do not accept our Terms of Service, do not access or use our Website. In case, you have already accessed our Website or using it and are not willing to accept our terms then you should immediately discontinue the usage of this website.

Recently, our Terms of Service have been updated on Jan 29, 2020.

Definitions of Terms

  • The terms such as “we, us, our” refers to https://femazone.website/, the owner of the Website (FEMAZONE).
  • A “Visitor” is someone who visits this website.
  • Our “Service” is collective terms comprising the features and functionality as offered through our website to our users.
  • A “User” is the visitor of the website who uses it in any case.
  • The “Content” refers to all the data, information, images, audio, videos, etc. accessible on this website.

Legal Compliance

You agree to conform with all appropriate internal and global laws, acts, ordinances, and rules concerning your use of our website. FEMAZONE has the rights to explore complaints or conveyed violations of our Terms and Conditions and to take any action we believe suitable, including but not limited to, reporting any suspected unlawful activity to law implementation officials, regulatory authorities, or other third parties and disclosing any data essential or suitable to such persons or entities concerning to you, your usage history, email addresses, the posted materials, your IP addresses, and traffic data, as permitted under our Privacy Policy.

Intellectual Property

This website may comprise our service marks as well as those of our affiliates or other companies, in the form of logos, words or graphics. Your use of this website does not mean any right for you to use such service marks/logos, without the prior agreement of the conforming service mark/logo owner. The copying, rearrangement, use or publication by you of any part of our website is strictly forbidden. Your use of our website does not allow you the ownership rights of any kind of content present on our website.

Links to Other Websites

Some links to third-party websites can also be found here on our website. These links have been provided here only for your convenience. The insertion of these links on our website does not establish any authorization, assurance, guarantee, or endorsement of such third-party websites. FEMAZONE has no control over the legal documents and privacy practices of third-party websites. So, your access to any third-party websites will be at your own risk.

General Terms

Our Terms of Service shall be treated as though it were executed and performed around the globe, and shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the respective laws, without regard to conflict of law principles. Besides, you approve to succumb to the private jurisdiction and location of such courts. With respect to our website, any cause of action by you must be established within one (1) year after the cause of action arose or be perpetually surrendered and barred. Should any part of our Terms of Service be held unacceptable or unenforceable, that part shall be taken reliably with appropriate law and the remaining parts shall continue in full force and effect. To the range that any material in this website conflicts or is unreliable with our Terms of Service, our terms shall take antecedence. Our failure to impose any provision of our Terms and Conditions shall not be deemed a waiver of such provision nor of the right to enforce such provision. The rights of https://femazone.website/ under our Legal Terms shall survive the termination of our Legal Terms.

Please note that when you use FEMAZONE, you agree to its Terms of Service and its Privacy Policy. So, we suggest to take a few minutes and go through them carefully. We have the right to modify, change, add or remove anything to our Terms at any time. We have the right to do so without giving you any prior written notice. Your continued use of our website will mean that you accept and agree to the changes.

Who Can Use Our Website?

Any person having the age of at least fifteen (15) years of age and capable of entering, performing, and adhering to these terms, and agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions can use our website. Though, anyone under the age of 15 is also eligible to use FEMAZONE, if the parent/guardian, gives your consent and agrees to be bound by these Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy of FEMAZONE.

Business/Institute/Organization Use of FEMAZONE

If you are using FEMAZONE on behalf of any institution, company, business, group or other entity, you are still separately bound by this pact, even if you have a separate agreement with us. Moreover, you have to present and warrant that you are authorized to give all the authorizations provided in these terms. You must be agreed to these terms on behalf of the entity.

It is against our Terms of Service to represent other brands and businesses without authority, and FEMAZONE will not be held answerable for the misleading and unlawful representation of a product, person or brand.

User Guidelines

You agree to the fact that our website will be used only for lawful purposes by you. If you agree to our Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use then you have complete access to all basic features such as viewing public content, sharing, commenting, etc. In case, you do not agree with our Terms of Service then we will not recommend the use of our website.

You must be agreed not to use our site to collect or post data that is:

  • Misleading, inaccurate or False
  • Infringing any third party’s copyright, trademark/logo, or other registered rights or rights of privacy or publicity
  • Illegal or that violates any law
  • Intimidating or harassing
  • Offensive, gruesome or comprise pornography of any kind
  • Extremely violent or encouraging harm to oneself or others
  • That could be considered as phishing or spammy or that might exploit or present a security threat to FEMAZONE
  • That comprise any viruses, bugs intended to damage, adversely interfere with, furtively interrupt or confiscate any system, personal information or data
  • Likely to hinder the ability of others to use our website

You agree not to:

  • Use, sell, promoter, or otherwise monetize any other service or functionality of FEMAZONE without permission
  • Post undesirable/unwanted messages in comments, content, etc. with a viable intent
  • Use FEMAZONE’s name, brand, logo, or trademark without the prior consent
  • Break or dodge our security procedures or otherwise test the susceptibility of our systems
  • Gather or stock personal information from FEMAZONE or its users without consent
  • Directly reimburse users or visitors for following or unfollowing
  • Generate or show campaigns/ads/properties that look like or could be muddled with FEMAZONE’s content
  • Any unendurable use of our website may result in the instant postponement of access to this website


FEMAZONE proposes several kinds of facilities and services on this website that may be protected by the law regarding intellectual property. Material published on this platform is the asset of the creator of the content and it may be protected by copyrights and by other proprietary or intellectual rights. You may use the material, data or content of this website for personal or non-commercial purposes only. You cannot copy, dispense, or otherwise use any of the materials without the prior written agreement of the rights holder. You are completely answerable for determining if any of the material on our website is or is not protected by intellectual property rights. You are free to link to the information on FEMAZONE and encourage others to access the material on this website. You may create a hypertext link to our website so long as the link does not state or imply any sponsorship or endorsement of your website by us. FEMAZONE also offers links and access to third-party content. You are entirely answerable for ensuring that you do not disrupt any intellectual property and/or other rights of the third parties.

Your Content

We allow you to post material such as photos, comments, videos, articles, and other content on your website. Anything that you post on this platform is referred to as ‘user content’. You exclusively own the rights to the content you create and post on this website, and you undertake complete concern for it. You accept all risks associated with your posted content, including subjects related to exactness and/or legal rights. You approve that you have the necessary rights to the material that you post on FEMAZONE and that doing so does not conflict with any authorizations you may have given to others. While you still own the posted material, you also grant FEMAZONE a license to the content and/or information you provide us. Moreover, you have to give us and its users a license of use to use, display, rearrange, modify, and distribute the content on this website. It may also comprise endorsing your material on social media and partner companies. In these terms, nothing shall restrict other legal rights we may have, to user content. We do not confine to anyone’s material, but we have the right to modify or remove user content for any reason, including what we believe violates these Terms or our policies without any prior notice. FEMAZONE does not assume any liability for anything that you or anyone else publishes on our site.


We have explained in our Privacy Policy that how we collect, store and use the information you provide us, including personal data. You can visit the page of our PRIVACY POLICY for more details.

From time to time, we update the Privacy Policy for specific reasons. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our updated and/or modified policy. Hence it is recommended to check it from time to time.


FEMAZONE is truly anxious about the security and safety of our properties. Moreover, we take all necessary actions to protect the security of our users’ information and content, but we cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will be incapable of breaching the security of our website. If you notice any security breach, you should contact us instantly. It will help us take suitable action to improve our security measures.


We respect and admires the intellectual property rights owned by others and we also expect our visitors and users to do the same. If you notice that there is a copyright or other intellectual property rights violation/infringement, please CONTACT US from our concerning page. We will, at its sole discretion, take appropriate action, including removal of the disputed material from our site. We reserve the right to disable and/or terminate the accounts of users who repeatedly infringe or have been repeatedly charged with infringing the copyrights, and/or intellectual property rights of others.

Changes to Terms of Service

We may add to or change or update this Terms of Service from time to time as per need. You should check these Terms of Service occasionally to endure in agreement with these terms. Your use of the website after any amendment to the Terms of Use shall constitute your acceptance to these terms, and you also agree to be bound by any such changes/revisions.

Healthcare, Skincare, Fitness, Wellness, Motivational, Self-Help Advices

The Contents and Services on FEMAZONE, such as text, graphics, images, information, and other material containing the Healthcare, Skincare, Fitness, Wellness, Motivational, Self-Help Advices are only for the informational purposes.

The content present on this website is not intended to be a substitute for any expert medical guidance, advice, or treatment. Try to seek the advice of your doctor or another capable healthcare professional in case of any questions related to a specific medical condition.

In case of any medical emergency, please call your doctor immediately. We do not endorse any explicit tests, doctors, products, medicines, procedures, suggestions, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on the Services. Reliance on any information provided by us or by other users of this website is exclusively at your own risk.

Disclaimer of Warranties

You agree that use of FEMAZONE is at your sole risk and that you are solely responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the use of material, information and/or data on this website. We do not give surety about the accuracy, relevance, completeness, merchantability, non-infringement, or fitness for a particular purpose of the information, content, and services available through our platform. We also do not give assurance that our platform is error-free, safe, unceasingly accessible or free of viruses or other harmful content. FEMAZONE is not a substitute for professional services or advice. Neither FEMAZONE nor its users, while using this website are engaged in rendering legal, medical, counseling or other professional services or advice.

Limitation of Liability

To the maximum extent permitted by law, FEMAZONE will not be responsible for any unintended, incidental, significant or castigatory damages or any loss of revenues, whether suffered directly or indirectly, or any damage of data or other imperceptible losses, resultant from (a) your access to this website; (b) any content of any third party, including without limitation, any defamatory, offensive or unlawful behavior of other visitor and users or third parties; or (c) illegal access, uses of procedures for transforming the content.

Potential Disruption of Services

Access to FEMAZONE may, in cases, be inaccessible, deferred, limited or reduced due to damage instigated by severe climate, earthquakes, insurrection, wars, terrorism, civil turmoil, any act of God, accident, water, fire, harm, mechanical breakdown, explosion, or natural disasters. In case of access to our site is unavailable, delayed or limited, or if our website does not operate quickly and efficiently, you may be incapable of communicating your directions for dealings and other matters, or such directions may not be promptly performed, or you may also be incapable to recover data on a timely basis. If your actions are reliant on such communications with us, and if these are interrupted or delayed, you may suffer losses. FEMAZONE will not be responsible for any such losses.

Modification, Discontinuance & Restrictions

We may discontinue, change, suspend or restrict access to our website or any portion of our site at any time without liability to you or any third party.

Our Entire Agreement

Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy establish the entire understanding between you and FEMAZONE. If any part of this agreement is believed unenforceable, the remaining provisions of the agreement will remain in full force and effect.