6 Best Tips for Skin Care to Beat the Heat of This Summer

Taking care of the skin is a difficult task in summer but this article comprises the best tips for skin care that would help you to take care of your skin in the heat of summer. The summer is upon you, which means all of the moisturizers are going back down into the rearmost portions of your cupboards, makeup is going to meltdown from your faces and your skin’s going to be sticky as hell inviting all those dust particles flying around to adhere to your skin. Even if your skin is super dry in winters, it will be the opposite of it during summers. All that sweat and sebum accumulating on the skin and you constantly wiping it off with your hands is going to make you fret all the time about breakouts and blemishes. The scorching sun will also be a contributor to making your skin look bad. But we’ve got you covered.

Tips for skin care

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Here are the tips and tricks that you can easily add to your skincare regime to give yourself a glowing, healthy and tan free skin.

1. Wash your face

Yes. Washing your face at least 3 times a day not just with water but with a good face wash that suits your skin will clear your face of all the impurities that have been collecting on your face throughout the tiring day. Invest in a soothing face wash that is best for your skin and it will do all the tricks.

wash face for fair skin

2. Use moisturizer

Seems odd right? Well, it shouldn’t because applying moisturizer will lock down the natural moisture of your skin and make a barrier between the environment and your skin.

3. Use sunblock

Beat the heat with a good sunblock with at least SPF60. A lot of you forget to apply sunblock or don’t even consider it buying but know that it is for your skin protection. It does not only protect your skin from tanning but also from various skin diseases that are caused by the harmful UV rays.

use block for skin care as tips for skin care

4. Avoid touching your face

Believe it or not, it is the most important favor you can do to your skin. Touching your face either in the form of wiping off sebum or just picking on your acne will worsen your breakouts. So, no touching. This is one of the easiest but most effective tips for skincare in summer.

5. Use minimal makeup

All the foundations and BB creams don’t matter if they are oil-free or not, they tend to make your skin super oily. So, it’s best to avoid using too much of these cream products. But it doesn’t mean you cannot apply anything else. You can use some good face-powders and blend them easily.

6. Use face masks

A variety of face masks are available nowadays at the local markets be it mud masks, sheet masks or the shiny peel-off ones. You can also make masks at home from your usual kitchen ingredients.

face mask for skin care, use face mask as tips for skin care

Homemade masks:

  1. Mix some gram flour, turmeric, and milk into a small bowl and apply it to your face three times a week. This mask will help you brighten your complexion and remove blemishes as well.
  2. Aloe Vera gel can also be used as a mask and does not necessarily require any addition.
  3. Yogurt + turmeric + rosewater is another marvelous combination that’ll give you a glowing complexion.

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So girls, no need to panic for summers. You can use all of these tricks during your hefty summer schedules that’ll make your skin breathe and stay healthy all the while keeping you from spending too much on products. Stay healthy and keep glowing.

We hope, these tips for skin care would help you a lot in this summer season while protecting your skin in the heat. If you have any query, please contact us. Please support us by sharing your feedback by commenting below.

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